LIP® Tip: New Case Call Reporting


At LIP®, we help you stay ahead by emailing intake details in real time. Read below to find out how we keep you in the loop!


LIP® Tip: We’re Ready for Your Questions and Requests


Do you have an on-call update? Script change? Invoice question?

Our LIP® staff is eager to assist on requests like these! Simply submit a support ticket or call our support line at (615) 695-8044. We will then work quickly and efficiently to resolve.

To learn how our support ticket system works, read our full FAQ below.


LIP® Tip: Disaster Planning Basics


Your phone lines are down. Callers are trying to reach you, but there’s nowhere to be reached.

What do you do?


LIP® Tip: Introducing Outbound Intake®


Who’s calling them back?

We will in five minutes or less. 24/7/365. Never miss a web inquiry with Outbound Intake®. (more…)

LIP® Tip: A Big Way to Boost Customer Service


Have you considered an IVR?

As you gear up for a busy holiday season, it’s a great time to consider call management strategies. If you aren’t already using Interactive Voice Response (IVR), you may be surprised what an effective tool it can be. (more…)

LIP® Tip: Adding a Practice Area


You added a practice area, but never told LIP…

When we’re not aware of a new case type, a generic script is used to answer these calls. Which means you may not receive the exact information you want. (more…)

LIP® Tip: Preparing for a New Ad Campaign


You started a new ad campaign, but never told LIP…

A new ad campaign = Increased call volume
(Sometimes up to 10, 30, or even 50 calls per hour!)

If we are unaware of new campaigns or significant increases in your marketing plans, staffing and coverage issues will likely have a negative effect on your firm (and others across the country). (more…)

LIP® Tip: Win Clients With Our Best Practices for On-Call Scheduling


Up to 25% of priority callers are not getting through to your firm!
Reasons include miscommunications, call avoidance, and timing from your team. Callers who can’t make contact may become frustrated and try another attorney. (more…)

LIP® Tip: How Does Unscheduled Call Forwarding Impact My Firm?


LIP’s goal is to answer 100% of all calls. Unscheduled call forwarding makes this an ongoing challenge. (more…)


We offer volume-based pricing plans, so you only pay for the services you use. Don’t miss another opportunity. Contact us today to see how we can help.


We’re more than just another telephone answering service that decided to start taking calls for law firms. We were founded as, and remain, 100% legal intake, and our intake specialists have completed more than 2 million intakes.


Whether a call is about an auto accident, slip and fall, medical malpractice, pharmaceutical injury, nursing home abuse, or workers’ compensation claim, our legal intake specialists have the training, experience, mindset, and tools needed to handle it.