Legal intake Professionals® FAQ

Our intake specialists are trained to evaluate each inquiry and to give each caller a personalized response that’s designed to convert calls into cases. We hold ourselves to the highest standards, including a minimum answer rate of 95 percent, and we treat every call as if it’s a potential case for your law firm.

At Legal Intake Professionals®, we do more than just take a name and number. LIP® is more than an “answering service” or a “call center.” In fact, we like to say “we don’t take calls…we have conversations.” Through those conversations, our intake specialists determine each call’s relative importance and take the appropriate action each and every time. Our goal is for potential clients to feel they have actually reached the offices they called and that those firms will begin working for them immediately. Every intake specialist will provide legendary empathy, consistent professionalism, and total focus on every call for your firm. And since every call is recorded, your staff can review any or all calls to ensure we’re performing intakes of the highest possible quality.

What are Legal Intake Professionals’ hours of operation?
We’re open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Quite simply…we never close.

We have specialists with up to 10 years of tenure, and many of our specialists have exceeded 20k, 30k, and even 40k intakes. Every specialist receives hours and hours of pre-call training, listens to hundreds of calls, and takes his or her first 200 calls under very close supervision. As we like to say, even our newest intake specialists have taken more calls than the vast majority of legal staff members.

At LIP, we know success is about more than call statistics alone. Our Legendary Quality Program ensures we handle every call with legendary empathy, consistent professionalism, and total focus by evaluating our intake experts on factors related to our company’s core values. Our evaluation program also includes client input and feedback, which helps incentivize team members to serve as seamless extensions of the law firms we support.

LIP bills on a monthly basis. We charge a flat fee for Standard New Intake calls and per minute for Non-Intake calls. We do offer Electronic Retainer during calls for an additional fee.

Our focus is to make sure we accurately align with your needs. By having our Intake calls at a flat fee, this allows us to maintain quality and avoid the need to rush a potential client to keep cost low for you. We know that securing new clients is very important for your firm and having the details regarding their situations is what is the most valuable to you.
You have plenty of options if all you care about is low cost. But if your priority is quality intake and value, then your only real option is LIP.

The best lines to forward to us are your marketing lines. Our goal is to help you secure new clients for your firm by performing professional and empathetic intakes. While we are equipped to handle administrative calls, we have found that these calls are best handled by auto attendants or prompts, which can route the calls to proper people in your office. This will allow you to best serve your current clients’ needs while we focus on securing your future clients.

Our sales executives typically ask prospective clients:

  • What are your practice areas or main focus?
  • What is your estimated call volume for non- and potential new case calls?
  • Are you advertising? Where? How?
  • How did your firm get started?
  • Where do you plan to be in terms of growth in the upcoming years?
  • Who do you compete with in your market?
  • What are your reasons for considering LIP and what are your current pain points in your intake process?
  • Who are the key decision makers at your firm?

Many of our clients find that adding an auto attendant or prompt to their phone lines significantly improves their client interactions by getting current clients to the right place quickly.
The prompt will route all new intakes directly to LIP, and any administrative calls go to the firm’s voicemail or other preferred destination. This allows us to focus on what we do best: securing more new intakes for your firm.
As an added benefit, many firms appreciate a substantial cost savings due to the reduction in administrative calls. It’s a fairly easy process that your IT support can implement. We even have some sample scripts to help you get started.

When you call us to inquire about LIP services for your firm, you won’t talk to an Intake Specialist—they’re providing intake support for clients. Instead, you’ll speak with a client service representative who will explain our pricing and service options. If you call after hours, leave a message, and we’ll return your call as soon as possible.

Call us at (800) 896-4611 for a free quote of our legal support services.

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