Legal Intake Professionals

Thanks again for reaching out – – – and, again, for the new pricing plan. Your proactive outreach in working with your clients, like my firm, is greatly appreciated.

Chandler Mason
Mason & Associates, P.C.
Atlanta, GA
(770) 982-1800

Just want you to know how well I think your specialist handled this situation. This is a difficult client to deal with and he did a great job with it. Proud to have him on our team. Thanks for all of the hard work!

Kyle Medlin
Aguiar Injury Lawyers
Louisville, KY
(502) 888-8888

I wanted you to be aware of how impressed I was with your representative, who took the initial call. This was a very challenging/difficult caller; she maintained her composure and provided me with some vital background info in a clear and concise manner. Very much appreciated. Please make sure her supervisor and manger are made aware of our appreciation of her service.

Steve Singleton
Allen, Allen, Allen and Allen
Offices throughout VA
(866) 388-1307

Hardly anyone ever left us a voicemail after hours, but in the very first week we used LIP, we signed up a case that paid for their services for the year. Now, we average two to four new cases per week that can be attributed to calls taken after normal business hours.

Carter Mario
Carter Mario Injury Lawyers
Hartford, CT
(203) 876-2711

For those of you who believe you don’t get any quality cases after hours, I received a multi-million dollar wrongful death lawsuit case at 9:30 p.m., which I fully attribute to LIP’s seasoned intake specialists.

William L. Berg
Berg Injury Lawyers
San Francisco - Sacramento, CA
(510) 523-3200

I had a ‘good’ service, now I have a ‘GREAT’ service. And it’s worth every penny. Finally 24/7 actually means 24/7.

Chad Dudley
Dudley DeBosier Injury Lawyers
Baton Rouge - New Orleans, LA
(225) 379-3333

To my surprise, the cases were always there. We just weren’t getting them. Now, potential clients don’t even get a chance to see my competitors’ commercials on Monday.

Bob Crumley
Crumley Roberts
Greensboro-Winston Salem, NC
(336) 626-1529

Frustrated with trying to make a local service work, we had all but given up. LIP was the answer we were looking for. Legal Intake Professionals gives me the confidence I need to advertise after normal business hours.

Ed Bernstein
Bernstein & Associates
Las Vegas, NV
(702) 384-4000

Far superior to any answering service we’ve tried in the past. LIP gets the right information to our investigators quickly and efficiently.

Jerry Parker
Parker & Waichman
New York, NY
(516) 466-6500

When LIP answers a call for us, potential clients feel as if they have reached our law firm. When they hang up, they feel as if they have a lawyer, and they have no need to call anyone else.

Phil Stewart
Stewart & Stewart
Indianapolis, IN
(317) 846-8999


We offer volume-based pricing plans, so you only pay for the services you use. Don’t miss another opportunity. Contact us today to see how we can help.


We’re more than just another telephone answering service that decided to start taking calls for law firms. We were founded as, and remain, 100% legal intake, and our intake specialists have completed more than 2 million intakes.


Whether a call is about an auto accident, slip and fall, medical malpractice, pharmaceutical injury, nursing home abuse, or workers’ compensation claim, our legal intake specialists have the training, experience, mindset, and tools needed to handle it.