LIP® Tip: Adding a Practice Area


You added a practice area, but never told LIP…

When we’re not aware of a new case type, a generic script is used to answer these calls. Which means you may not receive the exact information you want.

For a smooth new practice area transition, we recommend this September LIP Tip:

Notify us at least three days prior to handling a new case type.

New Case Type Scripts
Often, we already have a standard script for your new case type and just need to add it to your account. If you require a custom script, keep a few things in mind:

  • Questions should be close-ended with the purpose of qualifying a potential case call quickly.
  • Shorter questioning equals a happier caller. Callers don’t want to answer questions twice, so it’s best to keep scripts simple and to the point.
  • Send the script to in a Word document at least three days prior to the calls coming in.

The LIP Philosophy
Through our years in practice, we’ve not only built a large library of scripts for all different case types, but we’ve also fine-tuned them to be specific, brief and effective. We want to get qualified callers to you quickly so that you can feel confident you’re not missing any potential clients — even amid new case types. We value your communication and look forward to facilitating your firm’s next endeavor.

For existing clients, contact our client success team at

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