LIP® Tip: A Big Way to Boost Customer Service


Have you considered an IVR?

As you gear up for a busy holiday season, it’s a great time to consider call management strategies. If you aren’t already using Interactive Voice Response (IVR), you may be surprised what an effective tool it can be.

LIP Tip of the Month

Boost Customer Service With Interactive Voice Response

What is IVR?
Interactive voice response, or IVR, is a recorded “auto attendant” that allows you to efficiently separate case calls from non-case calls. More and more the marketplace norm, IVR provides top-notch customer service by routing clients quickly to the appropriate contact – either at your firm or at LIP.

How can IVR improve customer service?
While LIP is able to process calls from your existing clients, your firm’s staff is best equipped to provide them with the case details they need. An auto attendant will direct your current clients straight to you (with no frustrating
transfers back and forth), ultimately providing a better customer interaction.

What are the options for utilizing IVR?
IVR is customizable, and can be used in a few different ways! LIP has sample scripts for all of the options listed below, and we are happy to help.

  • Fully Automated: Your callers will hear a personalized message upon calling your office number, preferably recorded by a named partner in your law firm. They will then be able to press “one” for a new case or “two” for any other matter. The “one” option will go straight to LIP specialists so we can perform an intake, while option “two” will transfer to your office for handling.
  • Emergency or Closing IVR: This option is great for the upcoming holidays. Some of our after-hours only firms use an IVR when they close their office for holidays or emergency weather situations. This arrangement allows LIP to focus on securing the intake for new-case calls, without the entire extra call volume that comes with the closing.
  • “Human IVR”: Several of our 24/7 clients have their receptionist answer all calls and only forward new case calls to LIP. This option allows LIP to qualify new case calls, and frees up the firm’s staff to focus on the qualified cases they want, plus quickly assist existing clients. In addition, it’s a very cost-effective method.

Contact your phone provider and let them know you would like to front end your calls with an IVR. Our team is standing by to assist in any way possible.

Please let us know if you are using an auto attendant by emailing Knowing how and when you use IVR helps us ensure that your callers are reaching the correct contact on the first try.

For existing clients, contact our client success team at

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