LIP® Tip: New Case Call Reporting


At LIP®, we help you stay ahead by emailing intake details in real time. Read below to find out how we keep you in the loop!

LIP Tip of the Month

Did you know the following case call reporting options are available?

Priority Email and Text

When a new case call meets your criteria, you have the option to receive a priority email and/or text (depending on your preference). These messages alert your staff of a warm transfer attempt.

Priority Email: Includes “Priority” in the subject line and relays all case-specific information. It’s sent ahead of the warm transfer, so some contact details may not appear until the final report.

Priority Text Message: Includes caller name, case type, and phone number. LIP can send this “mini text” in addition to, or in lieu of, the email, to alert on call staff of a warm transfer.

Final Intake Report

Once LIP’s intake for a new case call is complete, we email a final report containing all contact information, answers to case-specific questions, and details about the success of our warm transfer attempts. All intake information is sent from

Reporting Site

LIP’s robust reporting site makes it easy for your staff to access finalized reports! Plus, it offers the ability to run reports over multiple dates and access call recordings.

To log in with username and password, visit and click ‘Client Login’ in the upper right corner.

If you are unfamiliar with the reporting site, need a new or updated login, or would like to discuss changes to your current email setup, please contact us at

Thanks for letting the LIP team assist you!

For existing clients, contact our client success team at

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