LIP® Tip: We’re Ready for Your Questions and Requests


Do you have an on-call update? Script change? Invoice question?

Our LIP® staff is eager to assist on requests like these! Simply submit a support ticket or call our support line at (615) 695-8044. We will then work quickly and efficiently to resolve.

To learn how our support ticket system works, read our full FAQ below.

LIP Tip of the Month

What types of requests merit a support ticket?

Common requests include on-call changes, script changes, script additions, invoice questions, invoice requests, and questions about calls. Essentially, any question or request that is non-strategy related should be made using our support email or phone line.

How do I submit a support ticket?

Email or call (615) 695-8044. For the quickest response, always send email requests directly to rather than an individual member of the support team. Also, save time by using the same email thread for all follow-up. Otherwise an additional support ticket will be created on the same topic.

What details do I need to provide?

Important details include:

  • Your firm and/or account information
  • Contact information
  • Your question and/or a description of your request
  • Any relevant attachments, such as an intake example or new script
  • The more specific the information, the quicker and better we can address.

When is the best time to submit requests?

Submit requests between 7am and 4pm CST, Monday through Friday, to ensure the quickest response. Requests outside of those hours may be addressed the following business day.*

**If it is an after hours emergency, contact the Call Center Floor at (615) 263-5301.

What if I have another support question?

We’re here to help. We just ask that you open a new ticket for each separate issue.

We strive to respond promptly and make changes as quickly as possible. Please note that turnaround times can range from 24-48 hours, depending on the request.

Thanks for letting the LIP team assist you!

For existing clients, contact our client success team at

Not a client and interested in speaking with LIP?
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