LIP® Tip: How Does Unscheduled Call Forwarding Impact My Firm?


LIP’s goal is to answer 100% of all calls. Unscheduled call forwarding makes this an ongoing challenge.

To address this, here is our July LIP Tip:

Please provide at least 3 business days’ notice when forwarding calls outside of your schedule.

What is unscheduled call forwarding?

Unscheduled call forwarding is when calls are sent to LIP outside of regular forwarding hours with less than three business days’ notice. This includes:

  • Closing for a meeting
  • Forwarding a line that is not usually sent to us
  • Closing early one day and forwarding without notification

How does this affect your business?

We staff based on historical call-volume patterns. If unexpected volume exceeds this staffing plan, it could result in the following:

  • Callers may have to wait to speak to an intake specialist.
  • Callers may be frustrated by the experience.
  • Your scripts may not work as intended. If your office is marked “open” in our software, then after-hours procedures are not active.
  • We may need to turn on auto attendants to screen for new case calls.

How can we work together to avoid this?

  • For non-emergencies, always provide us with at least three business days’ notice (or two-week notice for high-volume forwarding) when you plan to forward lines outside of normal times. Please also provide volume information if available.
  • We understand that emergencies happen whether it’s technology, weather or other surprise complications. We will always do our best to assist you in these situations. Please contact us as soon as you can. We are here 24/7 to assist you.

The better prepared we are to handle extra call volume, the better equipped we’ll be to help your callers.

To alert LIP of a closing or early forwarding, email or call (615) 695-8044.



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