LIP® Tip: Win Clients With Our Best Practices for On-Call Scheduling


Up to 25% of priority callers are not getting through to your firm!
Reasons include miscommunications, call avoidance, and timing from your team. Callers who can’t make contact may become frustrated and try another attorney.

To avoid this, we have some simple solutions in our August LIP Tip:

Consider using an on-call cell phone.

Otherwise, remember to provide LIP with an on-call schedule and to notify us of any changes by 4 p.m. CT on the day the change is needed.

Why use an on-call cell phone?

An on-call cell phone is by far the best way to make sure the correct person receives priority calls. LIP stores one number in our software, and you never need to worry about contacting us to change your on-call person. Simply hand off the cell phone and relax.

What if I prefer to not use an on-call cell phone?

We are happy to assist you with any type of on-call system that works best for your firm. If you do not use an on-call cell phone and are making weekly on-call changes, we simply ask that you provide LIP with a schedule that includes:

  • On-call name(s) We recommend no more than three people. This is because the caller is still on the phone, and more potential wait time is involved the longer the list is.
  • On-call phone number(s)
  • Resending your on-call schedule once a week to ensure that we direct your priority calls to the right person.

What if our on-call schedule changes?

We understand that personnel changes happen, and we will always work to accommodate on-call schedule adjustments. We just ask that you send any updates before 4pm CST on the day the change is needed, Monday through Friday, by emailing

This lead time allows LIP to review the request, ask follow-up questions, and continue to process other requests in the queue.

Should we also set up an on-call email list?

To guarantee your on-call personnel always receive the intakes from a priority call, we suggest having your IT team set up an on-call email distribution list. For example, you may want to name it “”. Also, make sure your IT team allows the address to receive external mail and also “white lists” our domain, Intakes are sent from

For existing clients, contact our client success team at

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